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Neutralizing Pepper Spray


Pepper spray as a neutralizing agent has  not been used often. How many situations could have been stopped and lives saved by deploying this simple non-lethal defensive spray. I have personally used Pepper Spray and stopped many situations from anyone getting hurt. I worked as a field Police and Probation Officer. I also worked in a Jail. All the criminal justice jobs that I had Pepper Spray Neutralized many situations without anyone getting hurt. Oh, the bad guys may think his face was on fire which quickly went away and so did he.


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Human Predators


The winning smile, the promises,  and the gifts meant to deflect you from the manipulation and exploitation that may be occurring. “Any of these characteristics,” he says, “can have enormous sleight-of-hand value, serving to distract you.”Anyone who seems too perfect is. Psychopaths hide their dark sides until they get their target person deeply involved. Too much flattery, feigned kindness, and cracks in grandiose stories should provide clues and put you on your guard. Make reasonable inquiries.Know yourself—or you might be vulnerable from your blind spots. Predators know how to find and use your triggers, so the more you realize what you tend to fall for, the more closely you can guard against it.